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Wannabe punk Avril Lavigne took a break from spitting at photographers last night, but worry not, her husband, Deryck Whibley took over — this time with possible consequences, according to the sleuths at

After a night of partying at the opening of Area nightclub in Hollywood, the Sum 41 frontman quickly hocked a loogie at a cameramen, hitting him square in the glasses.

The saliva soaked photographer quickly took action, though, looking for a cop to report the incident to. However, his effort proved to be futile, as the only policeman nearby simply told him to call the LAPD.

Avril Lavigne is Pure Gothic-Chic

THE LESSON LEARNED: Apparently, being the lead singer of an awful rock band makes you better than everyone else. Spitting on someone is illegal in the U.S., something the Canadian-born duo should learn, and fast! Man, why does everything have to be so complicated! Sorry.

This event follows a two-night tirade from Avril, where she launched an oral offensive on two separate photogs, including one of TMZ’s own. Classy move, a$$hole. Really bad ass, too. You’re a regular Russell Crowe. $100 says the editors of T.H. Gossip could demolish this Deryck Whibley jackass in a fight. Rock star shmock star. We’re coming for you Deryck! And tell your parents to learn basic spelling!


Sunday 31st of July 2022