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Sometimes, you just gotta roll solo (or in the case of Nick Lachey, Soul-O).

At least in the case of the aforementioned Lachey, he was on the rebound and single when he was prowling for poontang. With Kevin Federline, it’s a little different.

The father of four (two with wife Britney Spears) and trailer trash legend was spotted partying hard with his wife not present for the second time in a week.

K. Fed as a Dad

Although Britney gave birth to the couple’s second child, Sutton Pierce Federline, not even a month ago, that has yet to stop Kev from getting his drink on. In this case, he was seen heading to new LA club Area with his entourage late Saturday night.

The venerable spies from TMZ caught Federline trying to hide from photographers as he made his exit, holding his hat in front of his face to obstruct the cameras’ view.

Of course, it’s hard to disguise one’s self when one is wearing a Yankees hat cocked to the side and looks like a complete douche. A complete douche that happens to be married to Britney Spears.

But that’s just our opinion. K-Fed was also spotted solo last weekend in Vegas where he celebrated the anniversary of TAO restaurant and night club.