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Are you listening, Kate Bosworth?
Pull up close to your screen, Mischa Barton.

None other than Claudia Schiffer says that women, especially models, have become too skinny to be attractive.

“It doesn’t really look good any more,” the 36-year-old says in an interview with Germany’s Bunte magazine.

“Fashion looks good on thin models, but when you look at today’s models you can not help but think there is something wrong. They are way too thin. It is only bones that stick out.”

Schiffer hit her stride as a catwalker in the 90s, along with supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christie Turlington and Linda Evangelista.

Those ladies had some nice curves on them. Sadly, the only thing some women, such as Kelly Ripa, know about curves these days is that they’re a slower pitch than a fastball.

Meanwhile, the city of Madrid recently banned models below a certain weight from its fashion shows. Models with a body-mass-index (BMI) – which takes into account height and weight – of less than 18 were not allowed to take to the runway.

“Models have always been thin. But today, they are even thinner, which is unbelievable,” said Schiffer, who has been on the cover of more than 550 magazines during her career.

Amen, Claudia. Take a look at this Tyra Banks picture, people. It’s easy to be beautiful and non-skeletal.