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It’s been like a whole day since we talked about the sex life of Nick Carter. Sorry about that.

The latest twist is that Ashlee Simpson insists the former Backstreet Boy is lying about his bedding of her. And if you can’t believe Ashlee – and her obvious lack of plastic surgery – who can you believe, people?

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Are Expecting Their Second Child

The story is pretty basic: Carter star recently told Page Six that – after he found out Paris Hilton cheated on him with actor, Chad Michael Murray – he went after some Simpson tail as a final act of revenge.

Who wouldn’t?

Ashlee didn’t see it that way, though.

“No! That is so random. When I heard that, I was dying laughing,” she said.

Hmmm … this is the second Simpson sexual rebuttal in a week. Earlier, Jessica Simpson denied a statement by Bam Margera that he had a private affair with the singer.

Crazy Joe Simpson must be concerned. Or psyched. After all, publicity about your daughters being skanks is stilll publicity.