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Really, Shanna Moakler? You fought over this guy?

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At least the eliminated Dancing with the Stars contestant can take solace in that fact that, while her heart is broken, the arm of ex-husband, Travis Barker, now is, too.

It’s bad news for fans of the newly formed +44. That’s the name of a band, apparently.

The group, co-founded with former Blink 182 bandmate Mark Hoppus, just released the following statement:

+44 drummer Travis Barker broke his arm while shooting the band’s video for the title track, “When Your Heart Stops Beating.” The injury was exacerbated after playing seven shows during their European promo tour. Per doctors orders Travis is to remain off his right arm for 8 weeks.

That’s ok. It was your upper and lower lip you used to kiss Paris Hilton, Trav. You can still get it on with that dirty bucket of tang now.

Just don’t tell Nick Carter about it. He’ll respond by pretending he porked Ashlee Simpson again.