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Hey, Osama, you’ve still got a chance with Whitney Houston!

After more ups and downs than a season of Melrose Place, Houston and Bobby Brown have finally split, according to the diva’s rep, Nancy Seltzer.

Alicia Etheredge with Bobby Brown
(Allen Berezovsky)

“She has filed for divorce from Bobby Brown,” Seltzer stated.

The filing is technically a legal separation, Seltzer clarified, adding: “We’re saying she filed for divorce because that is (Whitney’s) intent.” Divorce proceeding are expected to begin next month.

Houston, of course, can consult now with Ashlee Simpson for break-up advice. Although a friend already says the singer is doing fabulously well.”

For now. But just wait until Brown is seen making out in public with Paris Hilton, Whit. Then we’ll see how well you’re doing.