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Over the weekend, we saw actor Tom Cruise and his baby’s mama, Katie Holmes, taking in a soccer match featuring his daughter, Isabella. Last night, Tom and his son, Connor, took in the Washington Redskins’ opener in Landover, Md., along with Holmes.

It was a bit of business and pleasure, as Cruise, who was recently given the pink slip by Paramount, recently signed a deal with ‘Skins owner Daniel Snyder, who will finance his production company. Here’s TomKat and Connor, photographed on the sidelines last night:

Tom Cruise in 2015

Despite all the hullabaloo over the recently-revealed Suri Cruise, Tom is showing that he’s still a huge part of his other two children’s life. Both Connor and Isabella were adopted by Tom and ex-wife Nicole Kidman. We applaud his efforts as a good family man. So why don’t you just step off, Moby! N-n-n-nobody listens to techno!

While T.H. Gossip has taken plenty of shots at Cruise’s insanity, we’ve never been accused of failing to give props when and where they are due. Some of our staff members have been accused of petit larceny, driving without insurance, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and urinating in public, but that’s neither here nor there.