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Not only is Diddy set to become a daddy, fans, he’s set to become a daddy twice over.

In a video posted Monday on his page – yes, apparently the rap and producing mogul has a MySpace page – Diddy and fiance Kim Porter are shown standing outdoors as the words “Special Announcement” flash at the bottom of the screen.

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“Hey, whassup y’all,” Diddy says. “We interrupt your browsing for this emergency announcement.”

He goes on to talk about a recent morning when he woke up next to Porter and noticed she looked especially big for her stage in her pregnancy. “I said, ‘Baby, I think you’d better go to the doctor, ’cause you’re kinda big. You look like you’re ready to give birth right now,’ ” he says.

“So we went to the doctor, and guess what?” he continues. “Your boy Diddy is a champion … The doctor told me and Kim, and I’m telling you right now, no press announcement, I’m just telling people in my family, that I’m having twins. It is official.”

Yes! A pair of celebrity babies are on the way!

“Two more Combs. Two! World, you’re in trouble now.”

Careful what you wish for, Diddy. The way Maggie Gyllenhaal looks, her and Peter Sarsgaard might have a pair of tykes on the way to take yours on.

They’ve already got you beat on vowels in a pair of names.