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And we thought Kristin Cavallari’s MySpace page was revealing.

It is. Very much so. We are grateful for it. But now the former Laguna Beach cutie is opening up to Blender magazine and giving us even more insight into her world. And what a sultry world it sounds like. Here’s the transcript of her interview, in which she discusses how hot she is, among other things…


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Blender: Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
Kristin Cavallari: Oh, it’s just me.

[T.H. Gossip Editor’s Note: No $h!t.]

Blender: When’s the first time you realized you were hot?
Kristin Cavallari: Same as any other girl, when we develop boobs and stuff. But I don’t consider myself hot. I still feel like the same big dork I’ve always been.

Blender: At what age were you least hot?
Kristin Cavallari: Seventh grade. I had braces and really short hair. Definitely my awkward phase.

Blender: What’s the downside of being so darn hot?
Kristin Cavallari: Since so many people know who I am and know my business, I can’t get away with things I’d normally be able to. And I’m not 21, so going out can be a big issue. Then again, being hot can actually help with that problem, so it is good and bad.

Blender: What advice do you have for those who aspired to hotness?
Kristin Cavallari: Be yourself, don’t care what other people think, have a lot of confidence. At least make it look like you have a lot of confidence. Pretend if you need to.

Blender: Who’s on your personal hot list?
Kristin Cavallari: I’ve always loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and their new album’s great for summer… Johnny Depp… French bulldog… and TiVo! I know I’m behind on that one, but I just got it.

Blender: Paris Hilton: hot or not?
Kristin Cavallari: Hot.

[T.H. Gossip Editor’s Note: Weak.]

Blender: Cocaine?
Kristin Cavallari: Not.

Blender: Criss Angel, Mindfreak?
Kristin Cavallari: Hot… but not physically.

Blender: MTV’s The Hills?
Kristin Cavallari: Not.

Blender: Hot Food?
Kristin Cavallari: Tuna tartar… although not literally.

Blender: Hot sexual position?
Kristin Cavallari: Depends on my mood, but girl-on-top… uh, is my dad gonna read this?

Blender: Hot schwag you bagged for free?
Kristin Cavallari: A $50,000 diamond ring from Sol Rafael — they just gave it to me, and no, I’m not engaged.

Blender: Hottest of the celebrity babies?
Kristin Cavallari: Gwen Stefani’s — I love her.

Blender: Hot prescription drug?
Kristin Cavallari: Adderall, although that’s been around a while. I’m not saying I take it or anything.

Blender: What’s your fallback plan for when you inevitably lose your hotness?
Kristin Cavallari: I hope that I’ll be hot for a long time so I can make a lot of money and I can retire early and just travel. So, hopefully that will happen.