Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Are ... Almost ... A ... Couple

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The secret is finally, almost, ohsoclosetobeing out: Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are a couple. Or they're at least having a fun time together these days.

Hudson, who separated from Chris Robinson in August, and Wilson are keeping a relatively low profile â€" but can't hide their feelings any longer from the public eye, People magazine reports in its new issue.

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On Sunday, for example, Wilson visited Hudson and pals at her Pacific Palisades residence. Later that evening, the two shared a patio booth at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they ordered drinks and, at one point, requested that a bamboo divider be placed around their table for privacy.

Got that, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty? It's called privacy.

The You, Me and Dupree stars had also been spotted the week before in Hawaii, where Hudson, 27, was vacationing with son Ryder, 2. Wilson, stayed at a home nearby, not wanting to traumatize the child, we hope and assume.

"The chemistry between (Hudson and Wilson), the electricity, was palpable," an onlooker told the magazine. "They really looked into each other, despite the fact that they were among other people."

Really? Come on. We don't doubt that this relationship may be enjoyable, but how profound can Owen Wilson be? Go back and read a few Wedding Crashers quotes. The guy is just good for an occasional laugh.

And romp in the sack, evidently.

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