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Jessica Simpson just can’t get enough of breasts. Chicken breasts, that is.

The Employee of the Month star plans to open her own chain of barbeque restaurants called “Daisy Duke’s” in the near future.

Reports state the star will provide backing for the restaurants – which will feature scantily-clad waitresses in tiny hot pants, naturally – named after her most famous screen character from the film remake of the hit TV show, Dukes of Hazzard.

Jessica Simpson Is 4 Years Sober
Photo via Instagram

The first store is rumored to open in Las Vegas next year, with Jessica scheduled to make at least five appearances there. Hey, maybe Nick Lachey can stop by on his tour. The man loves himself some corn bread!

Who came up with this grand plan? Crazy Joe Simpson, of course.

A source told America’s Life and Style Weekly magazine: “Joe’s going to make a lot of money from this.”

Phew. We were worried about his finances for a second there. Now, though, he may be next on the marrying list for Heather Mills. Take cover, Joe.