Jack Bauer is a Comic Book Hero

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Come on. Did you really think television could contain Jack Bauer?

The omnipotent American hero has expanded his role of saving the planet earth and everyone in it to the comic book realm. Specifically, 24: Nightfall is a prequel to the ongoing hit FOX series.

Fans of 24 will remember that before the clock started ticking on Season One, Bauer was the head of an elite Special Forces team sent to take down the mass-murder, Victor Drazen (played by Dennis Hopper in the series) Events quickly spiral out of control, as is so often the case for CTU and company.

But does Jack call on Harry Potter or anyone else for help? Of course not!

24: Nightfall, a six-part adventure premiering in November, was
written by regular 24 writers J.C. Vaughn and Mark L. Haynes.

"For fans of 24, particularly those who have been on the edges of their seats since Season One, this is the story that sets everything in motion for Jack Bauer," said Vaughn. "The events in Season One were directly related to events two years to the day earlier. Now our readers will get to see exactly what happened and lead to the coolest show on television."

The series was Best Drama at The Emmy Awards in August. Star Kiefer Sutherland also won a best acting award.

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