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We doubt Tori Spelling speaks very much with her former Beverly Hills, 90210 mate, Shannen Doherty. But the pair could probably swap stories now about other people sucking.

For Tori, that would include her mom. For Shannen, Nicki Gostin of Newsweek would be on her list. The reporter angered Doherty during a recent interview. In Shannen’s defense, though, the supposed witch remained calm, avoiding any Mel Gibson-like outbursts.

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Here’s the excerpt:

Hi, Shannen, how are you?
Shannen Doherty: I’m good, thank you. I’m unpacking from New York. I can’t stand unpacking.

Can’t you get your maid to do it?
SD: No! I’m a normal person. My housekeeper has better things to do.

Tell me about your new show.
SD: [In Breaking up with Shannen Doherty] I help relationships come to an end or sometimes help them go to the next level. It can be boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you want to quit your job.

Haven’t you had some bad breakups? You tried to run over a boyfriend a long time ago, right?
SD: No, and if that’s the way you’re going with this then I’d rather not even do the interview.

I just think it’s funny.
SD: I am not going to have things rehashed from 15 years ago. I’m not going to combat lies. I can already tell what’s going to be in your article.

SD: Let me hang up and call my publicist and then we’ll reconvene, because I’m not going down this path.

Wow. Calm, mature, level-headed. Maybe Lauren Conrad could learn a thing or two about how to deal with break-ups from a former spoiled actress.