Federline Lands Five Star Ad Gig!

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Looks like someone must be cracking the whip over at the Spears / Federline compound. Yup, Sean Preston has been barking at Dad to get a f*%king job!

Just kidding. Well, probably. But we do know this for sure: It's only been a few days since Britney and Kevin brought little Sutton Pierce home, and already, that hyper-fertile jackass K-Fed is hustling to pay for his share of the bills.

K-Fed and V-Prince

The Associated Press is now reporting what the Gossip brought you WEEKS AGO (way to go, you hacks): the white trash former back-up dancer has just signed with Five Star Vintage clothing to be the face of the company's holiday clothing line.

"He is a maverick, making his own choices when it comes to his music, his fashion and his celebrity. He is constantly in the public eye, which makes him a good spokesman for our line," a company spokesman said.

T.H. Gossip wasn't aware that "maverick" was synonymous with "deadbeat," but you learn something every day. Guess this means we should add wife beaters and track pants to our holiday shopping list. Along with a bottle of tequila and a sawed-off shotgun to put us out of our misery.


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