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Yesterday, we posted exclusive pictures of the upcoming Harry Potter movie, the fifth in this adored series. So it should be a time of excitement and anticipation for the cast, right?

But Emma Watson isn’t sure if there’s a future for her beyond Order of the Phoenix.

As negotiations carry on to bring back the full lot of actors – including Daniel Radclife (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) – the 16-year old who portrays Hermione Granger won’t commit just yet.

Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson
Photo via NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“Every film is such a huge production, and it’s a long time,” she said.

Adding to the confusion for this talented actress is her recent grades on national exams for college: they were nearly perfect. Sort of like the father of Lindsay Lohan on the crazy scale.

But we digress (which is rare). Watson wants to make it clear that she enjoys, and is thankful for, this opportunity. However …

“Daniel and Rupert seem so sure … I love to perform, but there are so many things I love doing. Maybe that sounds ungrateful. I’ve been given such an amazing opportunity, but I’ll just have to go with the flow.”