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We don’t know if President Bush was too busy admiring Matt Lauer again, but he didn’t make time for Borat.

Yes, the faux-TV-reporter from Kazakhstan and alter-ego of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen went all the way to the gates of the White House yesterday to invite the “Mighty Warlord Premier Bush” to a screening of his upcoming movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Sadly, the bushy-moustachioed Borat was turned away by Secret Service agents as he tried to hand a paper invitation through the White House gates to a security guard.

Sacha Baron Cohen Image
(Getty Images)

Indeed, he was turned away faster than Bam Margera at a meeting for people who did not have sex with Jessica Simpson.

Earlier, Borat – to the amusement of the press – “blasted” the “mythmaking “of the rival Uzbek government and their assertions that Kazakhs “do not drink fermented horse urine, give death penalty for baking bagels, or export over 300 tonnes of human pubis per year.”

If Bush does end up accepting Borat’s invitation, he’ll be in unique company; the supposed reporter said that he invited other “American dignitaries” like O.J. Simpson and “Mel Gibsons.” to talk with thim.