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Move over, McDreamy, you aren’t the only one making a baby announcement today.

Amanda Peet and her fiancé, screenwritter David Benioff, are expecting their first baby.

“She’s almost 12 weeks along. She’s thrilled,” says a source, who adds the two will tie the knot this month in New York City. The couple has been engaged since July 2005.

It’s an exciting time for Peet, who’s also starring in the latest Aaron Sorkin drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It premieres this Monday and also marks the return of Matthew Perry to network TV.

We’re not sure if the pregnancy will be written into the script or not, but we are sure about this: Brooke Hogan really can’t sing. And digression is fun.

As for the proud papa, Benioff’s screenwriting credits include 25th Hour (with Edward Norton), Troy (with Brad Pitt), and a forthcoming adaptation of the bestselling novel, The Kite Runner.