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The misguided stumping continues!

First, Tom DeLay appeared to be serious in urging Republicans to vote for Sara Evans to win Dancing with the Stars.

The Hollywood Gossip

Now the Rev. Al Sharpton, a staunch Democrat, has thrown his support behind conservative MSNBC pundit Tucker Carlson.

“We are living in trying and uncertain times,” the good reverend said, seeming tongue in cheek fortunately. “That’s why now, more than ever, we need a strong leader who will stand up for what we believe. Better yet, we need a leader who will dance for what we believe. Tucker Carlson is just such a dancer.”

Mario Lopez, however, is topless – and ready to disappoint Sharpton!

But the former presidential candidate continued:

“Watch Tucker do the cha-cha and then call in your vote to make sure he advances to the next week’s show. You can call as often as you like. Remember: Voting in celebrity dance contests is not just your right in this country, it’s a privilege.

If you sit back idly and fail to perform your civic duty, lesser dancers could win this competition. America simply cannot afford that. “

Yesterday, Carlson admitted to me that he actively sought Sharpton’s endorsement. “Nobody turns out the vote like the Reverend Al,” Carlson said.

If onyly we could get him to weigh in on whether or not he’s excited for Grey’s Anatomy or Lost.

“I want to balance the influence of DeLay and at the same time get a right-winger off talk television and help Tucker find another career,” Sharpton explain. “I think it would be a great contribution to society to have him as a cheeseball disco dancer than a talk-show host propagating right-wing politics.”