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You think your job is tough, Mel Gibson PR team? Try being Torrie Wilson.

The WWE Diva tells FHM magazine in its September issue that she had a rather unusual first day on the job at the WWE.

“I had to seduce [WWE Owner] Vince McMahon in front of his wife,” Wilson said. “We started kissing, then I went to pull his pants down.”

Hey, Torrie, that’s a typical day for Lindsay Lohan.

The job may have changed slightly from there, but Wilson has found herself in other compromising positions numerous times.

“I’ve been kicked in the stomach and been left dry heaving by the side of the ring because it hurt so much,” she said.

Again, Nicole Richie can relate to that one.

Anyway, it’s not ALL sex and violence in the WWE, Torrie swears. There’s a certain etiquette observed as well: Wilson also reveals to FHM that she doesn’t apologize to her opponents for groping them – fellow diva Candice Michelle “always appreciates it,” in fact – but she very graciously begs their forgiveness if she actually hurts them.

There is one work-related hazard however, that Torrie just cannot seem to solve. Jessica Simpson can probably relate to it, but singing isn’t as physically taxing on her boobular region as wrestling can be.

“My chest pops out quite a bit,” Wilson admitted. “I use half a box of double-sided tape every time, but these suckers do not want to stay in.”

Begrudgingly, The Gossip offers its assistance if Torrie ever needs handlers.