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As the cons from Prison Break were finally broken from prison on last night’s second season premiere, The Gossip had a few questions and thoughts on the episode:

  • Wentworth Miller smiled more in the hour than in the entire first season combined. He must’ve hated prison!
  • How cool is this new FBI agent?!?
  • The moment of silence for Veronica was followed by the popping of champagne over her death.
  • Where the heck is Tweener?

Perhaps Lane Garrison can answer the last inquiry. He plays Tweener on Prison Break, one of two fugitives (along with Haywire) not accounted for last night. The actor recently sat down with TV Guide.

Michael Scofield Returns!

Q: How are you, Lane?
Garrison: I’m in 158-degree weather in Decatur, Texas, but other than that I’m awesome! Global warming is a good thing.

Q: Do you know who I just off the phone with? Paul Scheuring [Prison Break’s creator].
Garrison: He is the man. He’s a really talented writer and a great guy.

Q: I told him I was a little iffy on talking to you because I wasn’t sure if Tweener was still a part of the big picture. But Paul set me straight. He said, “[Tweener] has his own ambitions, and he is going to get out there in the world and meet some new people and develop some relationships.”
Garrison: That is very true. Yes, I have been meeting new characters. I even have a love interest, which is interesting. Paul’s going back to the more fun side of Tweener. When he first entered the prison, he was sort of comedic relief, and we were such a heavy show it was nice to have a laugh every now and then. So we’re trying to find that balance again, of knowing that you’re on the run but [still feeling like], “Let’s have some fun with being young and free and rediscovering yourself on the open road.”

Q: Where do we first see Tweener?
Garrison: You’re going to first see him at a bus station, where he surfaces with a totally new look. He starts his thievery again; sort of like swiping the [Fox River guard’s] watch, but this time I’ll be stealing a wallet, cash…. We bring that talent back as he maneuvers his way from the prison all the way back to Utah. He heard the old man say there was $5 million buried in Utah, so …

Q: To date, in anything you’ve filmed, has Tweener crossed paths with any of the other escapees?
Garrison: It’s funny you ask that because we’re about to film that scene. We’re in this tiny town, Decatur, that’s going to pose for Toole, Utah. This is when he first comes into contact with the individual he [met first] at the prison – T-Bag. There’s a nice, “fun” reunion.

Q: I can hear T-Bag now: “So, I see here we are, crossin’ paths once agin….”
Garrison: Exactly! [Mimicking T-Bag] “A regular ol’ inbetweenah.”

Q: Who on the cast is dealing with the heat the worst?
Garrison: Let me think about this, because Amaury [Nolasco, who plays Sucre] and I just walked around the town square and were both complaining about it … I want to say Rockmond [Dunbar, C-Note], but he’s never here. Any second he’s not shooting, he’s in Vegas or New York or somewhere. Honestly, it’s probably me who has complained about it the most!

Q: I know you were good buddies with Muse Watson, who played Westmoreland. Are you missing his presence this season?
Garrison: Oh, like crazy. He was great to have on set and work with because he was this seasoned vet, yet he was such a humble human being. You could always talk to him about a scene or what you would do here … Everybody misses him a lot.

Q: I read an interview where you said he told you it helps to give your character a theme song, and you chose Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”
Garrison: Yeah, everyone was making fun of me just earlier because I was blasting it on the radio. Even when I’m working on other stuff, I use that a lot. Muse definitely taught me a lesson there.

On a related, you don’t need to ask what The Gossip’s theme song is, do you? Only the Kevin Federline classic, “Lose Control,” would suffice.