Take a Bow: Usher Excited About Chicago Debut

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The singer/dancer/producer has five Grammys to his name. He's also sold over 15 millions copies of the album, "Confessions." Nevertheless, Usher sees his Broadway debut in Chicago as a whole different beast; or relationship, as the case may be.

"Broadway is like a monogamous relationship," the R&B star, told People. "Doing anything else, like acting in Hollywood � which is great � it's like a one-night stand. You do it and then you keep moving."

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At that, Lindsay Lohan nodded her head in agreeance.

The role of Billy Flynn, which Usher now shines in, was originally created in the 1975 production by Jerry Orbach � long before the late actor became a household name on TV's Law & Order � and then played by Richard Gere in the 2002 Oscar-winning best picture.

Opening night this week brought out stars such as Penelope Cruz, Gabrielle Union, Clive Davis, and Rosie Perez. And, of course, the most proud fan in attendence: Usher's mom, Jonetta Patton.

"I thought his performance was unbelievable. Absolutely incredible. I am so so, so happy," she said.


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