Stripper Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Matt LeBlanc

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Yes, apparently a stripper can be defamed, okay? We're not sure what's next, perhaps Lauren Conrad filing a suit for being spoiled

Here's how this odd story went down: A woman named Stephanie Stephens has sued former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc, to statements the actor made to the National Enquirer in August of 2005 in an article titled "Matt LeBlanc: My Wild Night With a Stripper."

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Bet LeBlanc wishes he had taken the advice of pal Courtney Cox and sought therapy over opening up to the world's shadiest publication.

Anyway. The suit alleges that LeBlanc "did intentionally slander" and make "false statements" to the newspaper. In the article, LeBlanc says:

"The stripper was all over me ... I was drinking, and she was crossing the line ... pushing her breasts into me and grabbing my hands to go all over her body."

That's all. No mention of any names, no actions that many women who dance naked for guys don't take part in (we conferred with Lindsay Lohan to make sure). However, Stephens claims she was "never sexually aggressive" and "never engaged in any sexual touching."

Aside from, you know, the lap dance.

Stephens is seeking unspecified damages, despite the fact - which we bold for emphasis and add an exclamation point to - the stripper was never referred to by name in the article!

This incident may have led to LeBlanc's wife Melissa filing for divorce in March of 2006. Somewhere, Heather Mills feels sorry for the stripper.

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