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Look, Zach Braff, we know you’re still hurting from your break-up with Mandy Moore. She’s a babe.

And singing about one’s feelings is often an effective way to heal. But must this be done in public? In lieu of the typical, hilarious banter on your Emmy-nominated show, Scrubs?

We air such a concern because has announced the sitcom will air a musical episode sometime in 2007. The Tony Award-winning composers of “Avenue Q” will write the songs.

And we’re sure they’ll be lovely, Grammy Award-winning, perhaps.

But this is a TV show! The funniest one on TV! Give us The Todd slapping everyone five over the following general plot described below:

“A woman comes into Sacred Heart, our hospital, complaining that she constantly hears music, yet all her tests come back normal. Is she just crazy? Or is something else going on?” Debra Fordham, a supervising producer for Scrubs, said.
Avenue Q won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2004. Puppets play a big role in it.

In the end, we’re confident the episode will still garner a few laughs. But we fear it’s just Braff’s way of sticking it to Mel Gibson. That guy hates musicals!

Fordham went on to say that Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx will write “the big opening number, the act break and the finale. The fourth one is a song about a stool sample!”