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Katie Holmes has been transformed by Scientology, and not necessarily in a good way, recent reports suggest.

According to In Style magazine, Katie attended a celebrity girls-only party held by the publication — but wasn’t alone. A fellow partygoer told the magazine:

“You weren’t allowed to bring a guest with you. But Katie brought a guest, one of her Scientology ‘handlers.’ She was the only one that didn’t come alone. Katie’s minder kept a watchful eye and a close distance at all times. It was so creepy!”

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“You couldn’t really talk to her honestly and openly,” the source added. “Katie looked dead in the eyes. She was not the same person she was before she met Tom… whenever [Katie] would leave the room, all the girls would talk amongst themselves about how strange she seemed and how bizarre the whole situation was.”

Wow. Just when you thought the Suri Cruise mystery was as weird as this was going to get, we have a brainwashed, zombie Katie Holmes attending parties with a f%*king “handler.” There was, admittedly, a point in time when T.H. Gossip would not have objected to “handling” Katie Holmes, if you know what we’re saying. We’re saying she used to be hot on Dawson’s Creek.

Nowadays, though? The psycho train wreck future bride of Tom Cruise is looking kind of disheveled, and apparently is in rough mental shape as well. Pity.