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Phew. It’s nice to know Ben Affleck doesn’t regret having a baby with his wife. It would be a shame if that were the case.

Jennifer Garner, of course, gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Violet, in December and Affleck recently told reporters he’s greatly enjoying parenthood.

“I love being a father. It’s wonderful. It’s changed my life. It all sounds like platitudes and cliches, and that’s because they’re the truth.”

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez in 2021
(Getty Images)

Evidently, Ben is rather good at the job, too. He best be – because the man can’t act to save his career.

But that’s not the reason, according to the Good Will Hunting star, why he hasn’t been in the spotlight recently. The actor claimed he’s been staying low because he’s still upset about the way the media treated his engagement to Jennifer Lopez. Right. That must be it.

“You can’t help but feel injured by it. You’re like, ‘That’s not me’ … For a long time I got frustrated by it and expected truth and integrity … You realize it’s kind of a game, it’s a manipulation,” Affleck said of being a tabloid target.

“I didn’t want to have part of that so I backed off from doing movies, did some movies for money and then took a break.”

We’re not sure if that last quote makes any sense. But we are positive of this: Affleck’s favorite baseball team, the Red Sox, are 0-9 on his birthday over the last nine seasons. That’s too bad.