Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson Getting Cozy

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Monday, Kate Hudson announced that she was separating from Chris Robinson, her husband since 2002. Although the actress and the Black Crowes frontman were rumored to have been on rocky terrain for quite a while, Us Weekly reports that Hudson's blossoming relationship with Owen Wilson, 37, was the main reason for the split.

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NOTE: A rep for Hudson had no comment.

NOTE: A lawyer for Wilson told Us in a statement, "[Anything] that suggests that the separation of Ms. Hudson was caused by Mr. Wilson is absolutely false."

NOTE: Kate Hudson loves porn!

Meanwhile, sources say the You, Me and Dupree co-stars have been hanging at Wilson's Santa Monica, Calif., pad a lot in the last few weeks. A source dished that this is not a fling, and that Kate is crazy about him!

"This is not a fling. Kate is crazy about him," the source said. "Owen gives her so much attention, and she loves it. That's why she wants her marriage to be over."

Three days before the split, a Wilson source (probably not the aforementioned, surly lawyer) was singing a similar tune.

"Owen is not-so-secretly hoping she will leave Chris so they wouldn't have to hide. He is falling for her," he/she said.

  • How did Kate and Owen's love unfold?
  • Has Robinson been faithful to his wife?
  • What's in store for two-year-old son Ryder?
  • When, oh when, will the pole dancing resume!?!?!

All we can tell you, Gossipites, is that the staff at T.H. Gossip will stay on this and we will keep you posted as best we can.

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