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This is too easy. We apologize ahead of time, but when it comes to Joey Lawrence’s new look, we have just one thing to say:


The Hollywood Gossip

After laying low for a little while to get married and have a baby, Lawrence decided to shake his inner Blossom on the third season Dancing with the Stars.

“This dancing has been getting me in really good shape. You can’t keep the weight on just because you’re always moving 3-4 hours a day like this sweating your brains out,” Lawrence said.

Let’s forget the waltz and tango for a moment, however. Fans will need to get used to a new look from this former heart throb. The long, curly hair is gone. In its place? A shaven scalp, one with fewer hairs on it than pounds on Nicole Richie.

He’s also packed on the muscles. Matt Lauer has competition all of a sudden.

“My hair went along with my career … I never had the guts to go completely clean … I got rid of all the hair products, brushes, dryers and everything. It takes me five seconds to get ready, it’s great. I’m not going to grow it back.”

The new season of Dancing with the Stars premieres Tuesday September 12th at 8pm.