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Did Dave Navarro cheat on Carmen Electra? And did the part-time Pussycat Doll even care?

Such burning questions are at the heart of what appears to be a very amicable divorce so far. After all, Electra and Navarro are still living in the same Beverly Hills home.

Reports state that Dave met actress Sarah Howard in January at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where he approached the actress at a poker event.

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“They hung out that night and hooked up,” a source close to Howard said.

Well, then. Only one issue seems to remain: who the heck is Sarah Howard?!?

Equally bafflinf would be Electra’s apparent reaction. A friend said:

“I think Carmen figured out Dave was fooling around, but she didn’t make it an issue. “If she was angry, she would’ve booted

Because Electra is so gosh darn cool? Understanding? Was cheating on Navarro, as well? We may never know, but Christie Brinkley could learn a thing or two about forgiveness from Carm.