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Go to a movie theater, watch a romantic comedy, see a couple fall madly in love. Unfortunately for actors, real life doesn’t always follow a script.

Ask Zach Braff. While promoting his new film, The Last Kiss, Braff opened up about the troubles of dating in Tinseltown. He had his own problems earlier this when he and Mandy Moore broke up.

“A relationship is hard, doing it in the public eye is something that’s very new to me. I was a waiter give years ago and when I was a waiter nobody was telling lies about me in the tabloids. But it’s par for the course,” said the Scrubs star.

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One recent tabloid rumor even linked him with Jessica Simpson, but Braff insists the gossip isn’t true: “

Totally made up. I’ve met her a couple times, she’s a sweet girl but I think I saw her two months ago at a bar in the Hamptons and that was it.”

Oh well. Maybe if Scrubs wins an Emmy Award, the ladies will come running.