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Forget waiting around for the Emmy Awards. Television critics gathered over the weekend and dished out praise for a slew of shows and actors.

The most rewarded show at the 22nd annucal Television critics Association Awards was NBC’s The Office. It earned a trophy for top comedy series, while Steve Carell was rightfully honoroed as leading comedic performer. He’s quite funny.

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The Gossip also approved of the program of the year winner, Grey’s Anatomy. We’d like Meredith to whine less and Izzie to get naked more, but we’re still glued to the screen every week.

Somehow, the Emmys snubbed Lost – but these critics found a way to award TV’s most intriguing, well-written hour. It won its second consecutive award for best drama, while Hugh Laurie was the best dramatic actor for his role in House.

While not an official category this year, we’d imagine Oprah Winfrey would’ve won the award for least gay celebrity. Maybe next year!