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Could the steamy world of Grey’s Anatomy have spawned a real life romance?

Rumor has it that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guest star whose dark, handsome character, Denny Duquette, died tragically after endearing himself to fans for a good part of the second season, has apparently linked up with Kate Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Shepherd.

On Saturday, says a source, the two had their first real date, at Arnie Morton’s in Studio City. There were definitely some fireworks, although perhaps not the best. Many Grey’s fans stopped by their table, and one woman insisted on buying them a bottle of wine.

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After Jeffrey and Kate politely declined, the woman refused to take no for an answer, promoting a manager had to intervene, and the outraged woman to launch into a tirade. The loud, embarrassing scene ended only after the woman stormed out, threatening a lawsuit.

Despite the chaos, Jeffrey and Kate reportedly were unfazed, leaving the restaurant smiling and arm in arm.