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Thank goodness. One music video for Paris Hilton’s first-ever single isn’t nearly enough.

Evidently, not everyone is satisfied with the first cut of Hilton’s music video for “Stars Are Blind.” Some, of course, are not satifised with the existence of Paris in the first place.

But the hotel world’s favorite heiress is set to release a second version of her video. The black and white depiction (pictured) takes place almost entirely on a beach. Now there’s a simple life!

Carter Reum, Wife
(Getty Images)

Instead of writhing in the sand for the full song – as she did before – Paris tries to show some range this time around. We’ll wait for your laughter to calm down. Ready? Not yet? Ok … Hilton plays a model for a sexy photographer, swinging on a rope and getting strapped down to a wheel.

The video is set to debut tomorrow on MTV’s “TRL.”