Elizabeth Hurley: Older, but Still Beautiful

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Look, when Elizabeth Hurley and her accent talk about ANYthing, The Gossip is all ears.

But when the topic is this beauty's breasts? Well, we can't even hear anything else. The actress recently revealed that, despite appearances to the contrary, she's not immune to the aging process.

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Hugh Grant's ex told Grazia magazine that she's given all her skimpiest, sexiest outfits to her teenage niece since "what was once firm and perky may have altered somewhat by now."

"Our bodies change. Time stands still for no one."

So profound. So sad. But so untrue. Hurley is still quite the looker in our eyes. We're sure her boyfriend, Arun Nayar, agrees. He didn't have a comment, however, as Hurley keeps him busy by suggesting fashion tip after fashion tip.

She's talked him out of constantly tucking in t-shirts, but explains he's not allowed to pack for holidays just yet:

"If you leave it to him, you're in for a week of Speedos."

And sex with Hurley, right? We'll take that trade-off.


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