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You don’t get some dude named Harry Morton to date you for no reason. No, to bag her latest man candy, Lindsay Lohan relied on her clear skin. And now she’ll be peddling the cream that’s helped her remain so fresh and clean.

The A Prairie Home Companion star has signed up as the latest celebrity spokesperson for Proactiv Solution, the acne treatment that’s also has had Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson and other fresh-faced stars singing its praises.

Reports state the deal is worth around $2 million – or, approximately 1,999,967 more dollars than pounds Lohan weighs.

“My skin, thanks to Proactiv, is clear all the time,” Lohan, says in her on-camera testimonial about the line’s effectiveness. “Proactiv heals acne, but the best thing is that it’s super gentle, so it works every day like skin care. That’s how I use it, and it works.”

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The 20-year old will tout this life-altering product beginning this week on MTV, MTV2, E! and Style.

Meanwhile, Lohan is battling more than mere acne. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar last month, the supposed actress claims she’s ready to be taken seriously – not that this proclamation means she doesn’t also plan on exploiting her looks.

The emaciated, spoiled brat told British GQ recently that she’s happy to show off her curves for photo shoots.

“It’s my body. And I like my body. And I like my breasts. And no, they’re not fake,” Lohan said in an interview for the magazine’s August issue. “I think a woman’s body is so much more sensual than a man’s. I’m not saying strip off all your clothes, but there are certain photos I like people taking of me, where I’m comfortable. As long as it’s tasteful…why not?”

We can’t disagree with that. Lindsay might as well find taste in something considering she hasn’t eaten in years.