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Poor Lindsay Lohan. The recent birthday girl just can’t catch a break.

She’s either accused of being an anorexic waif – or of having breasts implants. The pictures below were taken about a year apart, so you can decide whether such chest augmentation is due to surgery or sugar intake:

Lindsay and Bader Image

Lohan points to a new hobby – eating – as the basis for such a drastic change in her figure.

“Skinny’s not attractive. I’ve learnt that,” Lohan says in the current issue of British Glamour. Peering inside her vest she added: “I like having my breasts in there – naturally, I add! The papers said I had implants, then when I was really flat-chested they said I was anorexic and had had them taken out. Truth is I have got my boobs back because I’ve got healthier again and I’m so happy.”

She’s also very well-spoken, as you can tell. The Gossip was able to peer inside her head recently. We didn’t see very much.