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Let’s get these two things straight:

  1. Hilary Duff is a virgin
  2. And she’s not fat

Okay, tabloids?!? The Gossip already covered the former fact, but Duff herself had to step up and explain the latter. The cause for such a statement? Unflattering photos a magazine ran of the young singer/actress, claiming she was “puffing up.”

We’ll let Hilary explain how these images were misconstrued: The virgin swas shooting a movie at the time and was snapped in what she thought was a stylish outfit.

“I was in Canada filming The Perfect Man and I put on this outfit that I thought was really cute and creative: jeans, a tank top and a scarf tied around my waist,” Duff said. “It was windy and the scarf was blowing away from me.”

Case closed. At the time, Hilary admits she “wasn’t skinny, but I wasn’t fat, either,” while stating she was “so embarrassed” at the headline: ‘Hilary Duff Puffs Up.’

We could not confirm if the star picked up a copy of the Janet Jackson Us Weekly, but she did return to Los Angeles and took up pilates with sister Haylie.

After the same publication ran a story about her now being a stick figure, Duff came to a sensible, admirable conclusion:

“You can never make those people happy, so you just have to make yourself happy!”

Amen, virgin. Amen.