In the Duff? Not for This Starlet

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Hilary Duff may be dating Joel Madden, but the punk rocker hasn't seen much more of this singer/actress than any fan. How is that possible? Because Duff claims she wants to remain a virgin until her wedding night.

Hey, it worked for Jessica Simpson. Until that awful, public, humiliating divorce.

Hilary Duff Shops for her Cat

Duff, 18, is intent on remaining true to her V-card, however. She's upset when fans automatically assume she and Good Charlotte star Madden are have swapped much more than spit.

"It's harder having a boyfriend who's older because people just assume," she said. "But (virginity) is definitely something I like about myself. It doesn't mean I haven't thought about sex, because everyone I know has had it and you want to fit in."

Poor Madden, though. He'll have to wait a bit before he can fit into his girlfriend.

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