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How intense of a director is James Cameron? He was intent that his latest movie would be a major hit – despite the fact that it was fictional.

Cameron made a series of cameos on HBO’s Entourage last season, helming the Vince Chase vehicle, Aquaman. According to the show’s creator, Titanic’s captain made sure his reputation remained intact with the success of his fictional film.

Doug Ellin said the director REALLY wanted his fictional Aquaman to be a financial and critical success.

Entourage Movie Pic

“Mr. Cameron didn’t want Aquaman to bomb, which, fortunately, we figured out a way to make sure that didn’t happen,” he said.

In the show, the movie actually breaks the all-time record for opening weekend box office revenue – initially held by Spider-Man and destroyed in real life by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead’s Man Chest two weeks ago. The flick’s critical response was never addressed, but we’ll just say it was positive. Why not, right?

“[Cameron] didn’t insist, but he asked nicely and he’s got a strong presence, so we decided to go with that,” said Ellis.

In other Entourage news: Kevin Connolly, who plays Vince Chase’s manager, Eric on the show (and is dating Nicki Hilton in reality) and who constantly frets about the gang’s money situation, told the a group of journalists:

“I just bought a house that I can’t afford. We’re still in the early stages of it, so hopefully it continues for a few more years.”