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Two and a Half Greedy Men?

CBS may have to change the name of its number-one comedy now that Charlie Sheen has asked for a significant pay hike. He’s seeking a raise to $1 million per episode, which would be a million for every restraning order against the actor.

Sheen and Richards
(Getty Images)

If Sheen succeed scores the pay day, he’d be making roughly five times his current salary, while being inducted into an exclusive circle of the highest paid television actors, such as the former Friends cast, who each earned $1 million an episode during the series’ final seasons.

Does anyone really find Charlie Sheen that funny?

Two and a Half Men isn’t the most critically acclaimed sitcome of all-time; although Sheen has received an Emmy nomination this year.

Co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones, are also seeking to bulk up their bank accounts, though neither currently makes as much as Sheen nor would ask for as much.

Meanwhile, often nude Denise Richards filed a court order weeks ago to keep Sheen away from her and their two children.