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Denise Richards will appear nude in the upcoming August issue of Jane magazine, but unlike her famous threesome scene in Wild Things, this is for a good cause.

The actress is bearing all to support the Clothes Off Our Back charitable foundation, which benefits various children’s charities, such as UNICEF and Cure Autism Now, through online auctions of celebrity attire.

“I am not quite sure what I will be wearing. I think I will be wearing clear balloons. Jane has done this before, so I think it will be a pretty issue,” Denise told Entertainment Tonight.

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With only three balloons blown up, Richards wasn’t sure she would have a lot of coverage, but it turns out that her nudity was concealed in part by a blanket. Boo!

“I ate my face off this week,” said Richards, admitting she made no special effort to prepare for the photo shoot.

“I was in Europe,” she added.

Denise also didn’t do any additional exercise, laughing as she says everything can be fixed by retouching. She does exercise on a regular basis, though, with Pilates and kickboxing among her favorite forms.

“I do exercise regularly. I love the way it makes me feel. It is my time to myself. I like to mix it up to shock the body. Trainers have told me your body gets used to it [if you do the same routine all the time],” she said.

The mother of two daughters, whose turbulent sex life and recent divorce from Charlie Sheen have been the center of tabloid frenzy, recently sold her home and is looking forward to a fresh start in life. After all she’s been through, it would be nice if the media would just move on. Excuding us, of course. The Gossip is not going anywhere.

Clothes Off Our Back will decide which children’s charity will be the recipient of this year’s donations later this month.

Also appearing in the magazine’s “No Prudes Allowed” photo spread and article are Rachel Blanchard, Sanaa Lathan, Jenna Fischer, Gretchen Blieler, Rachel Miner, Brittany Snow and cover girl Heidi Klum. Gulp.