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Talentless plastic surgery fiend Ashlee Simpson has made it clear that is saving herself for her boyfriend, citing that as the reason she turned down a recent offer to pose naked for Playboy.

The magazine reportedly was willing to cough up $4 million for pictures of a nude Ashlee. Despite the staggering size of the offer, the lip-syncher says she was reluctant to share her body with tens of millions of eager male readers. In her world, that body is only for her boyfriend, Braxton Olita.

“My body is for me and my love interest, and that’s the only person who gets to see it,” Ashlee was quoted as saying.

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Olita, who plays guitar in Ashlee’s band, declined comment when asked if he has already been given the Lohan Special and/or other favors, or if he is still waiting to tap that ass. Just joking. No one asked that.