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The AOL music section is kind enough to interview a slew of celebrities. First, there was Katharine McPhee. Now, we’r proud to bring you an interview with Ashlee Simpson via Instant Messenger.

MelissaInMusic: hey ashlee — thanks for taking the time to talk to today! where are you right now as you AIM with us?

The Hollywood Gossip

ashleesimpsoniam: thank you … in new york city in my hotel room

MelissaInMusic: how excited are you about your new CD?

ashleesimpsoniam: I’m so excited!! I can’t believe i already made a second record

MelissaInMusic: you’re only 21! it’s got to be mind-blowing

ashleesimpsoniam: It is! I feel I have accomplished a lot at my age

MelissaInMusic: You made’s “21 Under 21” list, but now you’re out of the running for next year!

ashleesimpsoniam: haha! Well at least I made it when I was under 21!!!

MelissaInMusic: so you recently proved that you can indeed sing on SNL! what it was like getting ready to step out onto that stage again?

ashleesimpsoniam: I was really excited, but of course, really nervous. I was mostly excited to come back and face my demons. Everyone was so supportive! It was really great!

MelissaInMusic: did you have any crazy moments behind the scenes with the cast?

ashleesimpsoniam: Not really…I was mostly goofing off with the crowd making light of the situation! Jon Heder was a lot of fun though!!

MelissaInMusic: im sure they were all pulling for ya. i know we were

ashleesimpsoniam: Thank you so much!! It was cool because my mom, dad, and all of my friends were there to support in every way they could!

MelissaInMusic: Your new CD is called ‘I Am Me.’ Why did you choose that title?

ashleesimpsoniam: I chose that title because I’ve been through a lot of highs and lows this year, but no matter what happens to me I always stay true to who I am. I’ve been the same person since I can remember!!

MelissaInMusic: it’s nice to see you evolve on this record. it’s like you’re telling your life story so far

ashleesimpsoniam: again, thank you! My songs are like my journal entries. They are very honest and very personal.

MelissaInMusic: i know some of your songs have gotten some inspiration from your relationship with your sis Jessica. how are you and your sister alike? and how are you different?

ashleesimpsoniam: We are a lot alike in the sense that we both love music, family and friends, but I’m the younger sister so I can be a little brat sometimes!! I am definitely the rebel of the family!!

MelissaInMusic: speaking of rebellious, what was it like getting onstage with the pussycat dolls?

ashleesimpsoniam: I didn’t get to dance with the pussycat dolls, but being on their stage was a lot of fun!

MelissaInMusic: y’know i talked with hilary duff about some crazy internet rumors about her.. so i’m going to ask you the same question! what’s the wildest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

ashleesimpsoniam: awww….I would say that I got a nose job! That one is pretty funny!!

MelissaInMusic: it’s funny to see the things people can come up with, especially online. how do you deal with reading the tabloid gossip — either about you, or about your sis?

ashleesimpsoniam: I usually don’t read it that much, but if I do catch it about my sister it really bothers me. She is such a sweet person

MelissaInMusic: if i were in her shoes i don’t know if i would be so sweet!

ashleesimpsoniam: Me either!! However, she always stays herself too and never lets it get to her.

MelissaInMusic: so besides your own CD, what else are you listening to these days?

ashleesimpsoniam: Esthero, aretha franklin, led zepplin, and I always love the Beatles!!

MelissaInMusic: do you have any more film roles in the works?

ashleesimpsoniam: Not right now. I am about to go on tour, but hopefully in the near future.

MelissaInMusic: what do you prefer? film, tv, music (you’ve done it all!)

ashleesimpsoniam: I love it all to tell you the truth, but music is my favorite at the moment. There is nothing better than going on tour!!

MelissaInMusic: what cities are you looking forward to visiting on your tour?

ashleesimpsoniam: I like going to all the small towns because the crowds are always amazing. I really love my fans!

MelissaInMusic: they love you! you’ve got a bunch of fansites out there. i was checking them out before we talked.

ashleesimpsoniam: That’s great! My fans have given me a lot of support this year