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Even though Clay Aiken wasn’t the actual winner of American Idol two years ago, one man claimed he was won over by this crooner … in bed! Now, however, former Green Beret, John Paulus, regrets going public with the story.

After taking the tale to the National Enquirer, Paulus isn’t retracting its validity, merely stating he “regrets” announcing it to the world.

“I regret defying the trust of Clay;” Paulus wrote on his blog. “I regret hurting him, his family and his fans; I regret that I started a blog that ridiculed him. … I apologize to Clay for that and I hope he will accept.”

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Referring to his decision to open up to the country’s most well-known tabloid, Paulus said it was “very callow and selfish moment.” He then changed his mind and tried to get the story killed – even taking legal measures – but his efforts were fruitless.

They’re also false, according to the publication.

“Our reporter couldn’t get him off the phone,” National Enquirer editor David Perel said. Perel says he doesn’t remember Paulus having a legal letter sent, but says even if there was one, Paulus is “completely distorting” the story.

“It’s not a situation where he told the story one time,” Perel said. “He engaged in multiple conversations with our reporter. He couldn’t stop talking, and then he talked to reporters after it was out.”

Sounds like more controversy than this season’s decision to vote off Chris Daughtry!