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Even with Madonna on her side, we’re not sure if Lindsay Lohan can handle her latest feud. You simply don’t cross the man (currently) known as Diddy.

Us Weekly that the pair engaged in a shouting match on June 16 at a Prince concert. The location? New York City club, Butter. The reason the hot spot is called that?We have no idea. The set up? Read on.

Sean “Diddy” Combs apparently took a seat with Lohan’s pals at her table. When the emaciated one returned from the bathroom, she jokingly asked Diddy “You’re sitting at my table?”

Lindsay and Bader Image

It may have been an attempt at humor, but it missed its mark by a long shot. Diddy flipped out. Sources say he screamed at this talentless excuse for a singer, proving once and for all that more money (and more anorexia) does lead to more problems.

Another source recalls the fight as follows: “Lindsay was in party mode. When he ignored her, she became rambunctious.” According to an eyewitness, as Lohan walked out, she yelled, “No one can treat me like that! I don’t care if you are Puffy!”

Lin, he hasn’t been Puffy in years. We don’t care if you’re hooked on shopping or spoiled beyond belief, but get your Diddy monikers correct!