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Look out, TomKat: Kurbin is coming for you!

After finally announcing their engagement last month, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are on the verge of exchanging vows. The couple hase returned to Australia and confirmed it intends to tie the knot soon.

“We are very happy to be back in Australia,” the film star and country music singer said in a brief joint statement. We have come home to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at 2017 AMAs
(Getty Images)

The date and venue are yet to be confirmed, but rumors are swirling that the ceremony will be Catholic and will take place in Sydney on June 25.

The Australian media reported guests have been told to keep their schedules free for most of next week, as they’ll only be told of the nuptials 24 hours ahead of the ceremony. That’s more time than it took Kidman’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise, to supposedly fall in love with Katie Holmes.

Kidman and Urban, both 38, met in January 2005 at a black-tie dinner in Los Angeles sponsored by the Australian government. Despite planning to get married in Sydney, the couple intend to live in Nashville, Tennessee, where the Grammy-winning Urban is based.

“I’ve moved to Tennessee for my personal life. I’m establishing my new home there,” Kidman told a press conference in Shanghai on Sunday.