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Ah, the difficult life of an actress and her fashion styling friends. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan flew Nate Newell to L.A. for a week of partying last weekend – and it grew so out of control that Newell had to beg other friends for airfare home.

“Lindsay flew Nate out and said it would only be for a couple days,” a source told the New York Post. “She flew him out, put him up, paid for everything, and they had the best time … at first. But then Lindsay decided to stay. Nate couldn’t take her constant partying. He didn’t have the money to fly home, so concerned friends chipped in to buy him an immediate ticket out of there.”

The Gossip found an unofficial transcript of Nate’s desperate phone call:

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“I need help! Lindsay keeps leaving the table every six minutes to ‘powder her nose’ in the bathroom … and I spilled a free bottle of Cristal on my lap … the stripper couldn’t get it all off with her tongue and I think Diddy put out a hit on me …

Tough times indeed. Evidently, Lohan was so angry she text-messaged some friends: “[Newell] is dead to me.” She is also demanding Newell reimburse her for his hotel room, plane ticket and other expenses.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly has been kind enough to review Lohan’s last couple weeks. It included:

  • A catfight with Paris Hilton over Stavros Niarchos
  • Partied at Bungalow 8 almost every night
  • Had a dance-off at P.M.
  • Partied at Marquee
  • Deejayed in the street for a Gap event
  • Downed champagne at the birthday party of Jefferson Hack (Kate Moss’ baby daddy)
  • Was kicked out of the SoHo House
  • Got into a fight with Sean Combs at Butter – where she also threw glasses at owner Richie Akiva

Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to eat during any of those ordeals.