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Lindsay Lohan reveals a lot in an interview with Harper Bazaar. The issue will be available June 20, but Hollywood Gossip readers needn’t wait that long for a few excerpts:

“I need to focus on my career and getting my life in order … My mom married young, but it was a different time.” Back then, people actually honored their movie commitments.

“I’ve heard that guys are intimidated by me even though I’m not an intimidating person. I’m honest and straightforward, and people aren’t used to that.”

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“I’ve become like the guy in relationships. Lately I just cannot be in a monogamous relationship. But there are people I want to date.” Just not exclusively. How else would she compete with rival Paris Hilton for most guys toyed with?

“I don’t need to do any more kid movies. The word `kid’ makes you feel like a child. Someone I dated called me `kid’ all the time. I hated that.” Wait, Lindsay relates the terms kid/child with one another? Crazy.

“People like to think that just because I’m young and like to enjoy my life, I’m some crazy party girl. I hate the term `party girl’ �” I hate it.” In response, Lohan threw an anti-party galla.

“I’m in this career for the longevity of it, not just for doing everything too fast and then running out of steam.” The clothes don’t hurt, either.