Paul McCartney - "My Valentine" (Official Music Video)

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Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman are featured in this video from Paul McCartney. It's in honor of his single "My Valentine."
Selwyn katz

What great song...never heard this before by Paul...very haunting...very much old standard-ish...the McCartney genius at work. Makes me wonder which wife it was written for...probably Linda..?


I love it ... But at the end Johnny kind of flicks us of....funny


I am in my later years and heard this song when Robin Cousins skated to it on tv last weekend. It stopped me in my tracks, it is so beautiful and Paul's voice has lost nothing of its appeal to women of all ages. It is a gorgeous piece of Mc Cartney magic.


He'll never be too old to still capture the hearts of millions. The song is beautiful and so is the video. Thank-you, Paul McCartney, for a lifetime of incredible music. Thank-you for being the kind, gentle, wonderful man you are. I will always love you. Maria

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