Mindy McCready - I'll See You Yesterday

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Mindy McCready's last song, "I'll See You Yesterday," has taken on a whole new meaning now.

Has anyone ever thought of suicide?I would hope there would be someone there to help you.......I don't understand the bashing of Mindy.Who knows why she killed her dog and at this point who cares.I love animals,but a human life is also very important.Her father say's when he left Mindy on Saturday she was fine.Well she was not fine she had called the police to have her father and step mother removed from her home.She felt like no one cared and she didn't even care about herself.Living in the same house that Wilson died was to much.So way to go dad and mom you drove her to this.I hope and pray her parents don't get her children.Just my opion........


wow....my heart hurted for her. Such a beautiful voice and heart just to many demons took control .....its so sad to think that she thought there was no other way out of her saddness.....i can't imagine the love of your life killing themselves....leaving you with a child ya'll created together....and leaving you with such saddness and grief......bless her soul and wish her children happiness somehow.....and hopefully one day they will know their mothers legacy and also know that even being in the spotlight and having money.....depression and addiction can still take over....... r.i.p. mindy, a true fan of yours

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Mindy McCready Biography

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Mindy McCready was a country singer who had success in the 1990s but spiraled out of control for years until her death in early 2013. It... More »
Fort Myers, Florida
Full Name
Malinda Gayle McCready