Miley Cyrus opens this track with a rap. Give "23" a listen now and sound off: What do you think?

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    @ Jesus



    She fuckin sucks. A DISGRACE. all the way around. Put some clothes on and realize growing up isn't getting naked embarrassing your whole family and attempting to rap like u know somethin. if you knew anything about half of what you sing about you'd realize you sound like a 16 Year old girl not a Grown woman. Just stop.


    Miley was so pretty and amazing ,but than she took the wrong road if you would go back to the way you were you would have plenty more fans and friends in general.just a few tips how your hair back stop with the nonsince videos and go back to being not just a children lover but were everyone loves you.

    @ Kylee

    Yeah she is ugly she looked ya better when she was younger


    Dam juicy j baby I been loving u since 7th grade. Now I'm 32 n u still got everybody loving u. Shit she hanging wit u I no she want 2twerk n some no. U got her sounding good. 5stars Miley u kicking it wit my dream man.


    Dumb, she is embarrassing herself once again

    @ Gwen


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